I am Lydia Hackett-Jones, the founder of INHealth, which is a multi-modality natural medicine clinic.

I focus on delivering to my patients holistic and bioenergetic Treatments, Products, Information, and Education with short- and long-term Preventative and Therapeutic Strategies.

My Work

The best way to describe what I do is with a quick story about a person who suffered from unexplained gut issues.

He had been trying to fix his gut for several years but only was caught in a cycle of trial and error, wasting his time and money.

His health was seriously affecting his work and personal life. And just when he was about to give up, he was introduced to The Ultimate Gut Health Program that finally returned him to good overall health.

After only 3 one-to-one monthly sessions, his condition improved considerably. After the next 3 months, on completing the program, he once again could enjoy his food and had strength and energy to be his best at work and in his personal life.

He was happy that he didn’t give up before he found the solution for his health problem.

And I was happy for him too, because I’m the person who helped him to find that solution. I’m the one who designed a program specifically for his health needs. And I took care of every detail to get him through. That’s what I do. I help people to pinpoint what could be wrong with their health and assist them in resolving those issues.

My Mission

To create for my patients an experience of getting well and staying well naturally that makes them so outrageously happy that all they want to do is refer to me the people they care about.

My Story

My experience in natural health goes back 25 years. Some points of it are worth recalling to give you an insight into your own health.

In the mid-90s, after immigrating to Australia, I ambitiously decided to master new language, change profession and establish my own business.

To meet many commitments and constant dead-lines I deprived myself of rest, fun and recreation. I was always on a go, studied and worked late into the night.

The state of my health was steadily declining but I turned a blind eye on that. Despite an abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, frequent headaches and other sorts of malaise, I did not give myself time to stop, analyze, and focus on what was required for healing. I just hoped for the better and continued burning my candle at both ends.

The hard work and tight schedule paid off: I graduated from the college with high marks while at the same time working to finance my business and volunteering at the nearby day-care center for homeless people. But just after the opening of my new natural therapies clinic my own health collapsed.

One morning upon waking I could not get out of bed. My head was spinning, I felt as if I had no power left in me. I called a friend who came and took me to a doctor. I was given an injection and a prescription, but that did not help.

According to the doctor, my blood tests looked normal, so I decided to try acupuncture; that did not help either. Then I visited a naturopath; she gave me some herbs which unfortunately also failed to improve my condition.

Prior to my sickness, I had signed a 3-year commercial lease for my clinic. The bills started to roll in and the phone was ringing in response to my advertising campaign. But I could not work.

I was desperate to get well, so I began researching and finally came across the writings of Dr. Hulda Clark. Toxic overload! Now it is a buzz-term, but 25 years ago not many people knew about it or its devastating implications and how to deal with them.

From Dr. Clark I learned that without a proper clean-up of your diet, body and environment, you may just be wasting time and money on drugs and supplements. I am forever grateful to the late Dr. H. Clark for making me aware of the hidden burden of toxicity.

After following her program, I soon returned to work having more energy than ever. I was so impressed with my own results that I shared them with my patients. Many thanked me for the improvement they felt.

One of them was a businessman whose one eye was blue and the other brown. It was causing him social embarrassment. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine which I had studied as an elective in the college, there is an affinity between the liver and the eyes. So, I introduced him to a Liver Cleanse program.

I wish you could see his happy face when he returned to the clinic with both eyes perfectly blue! A phenomenal result!

After that, I dedicated myself to helping unwell people determine the underlying issues that have led to their health problems and how to correct them.

And since then, I never stopped learning from the world’s best educators in Functional Medicine and Bioenergetics.

Every morning I wake up with meaning and purpose, knowing that someone out there has a better life because of my work.

Often, people come to me after consulting multiple specialists, spending a lot of money and still not achieving results.

If you are also in the “hit and miss” situation, let me help you to take control of your health.

My Qualifications




Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (AFDNP Member)


NES Health (BioEnergetiX Wellness System)




Biopuncture (Biomesotherapy)


SANUM therapy




Dark Field Live & Dry Blood Microscopy


VEGA Testing Method


Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis


Bowen Therapy (Fascial Kinetics)






Clinical Massage


PSYCH-K® (Advanced and Health & Wellbeing Program)


Body Talk


Rapid Results Coach


and currently studying Homeobotanicals

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