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Integrated Natural Health (INHealth) is a multi-modality natural medicine clinic that is focused on delivering Natural Health Treatments, Information, Products, Education with short and long term Preventative Health Strategies for my patients.

INHealth services have a special emphasis on Detoxification with its inclusion in Rejuvenation and Healthy Aging programs for all.

The NES Total Wellness System

I provide services in the emerging field of bioenergetics. This means assessing and correcting the body’s energy and communication systems. Doing this improves the body’s own ability to heal and stay healthy.

I do this with a NES Health Total Wellness System scan that takes just seconds but shows an incredible amount of information.

Then I use a hand-held device called the miHealth to get the body’s energy moving. This technology was featured on The Doctors Show.

Finally, I provide liquid remedies that help to optimize the body’s energy and communication systems which assists body in self-healing.


Guided by this homeotherapeutic system, I take into account the response of my patient’s self-regulatory system to exogenous and endogenous stressors (toxic substances or influences). Treatment is given, using predominantly homeopathically prepared medicines, to support the inherent self-regulating ability of the body rather than just treat symptoms, which are seen as an expression of the body’s own defence that should not be supressed.

Biopuncture (Biomesotherapy)

I use biotherapeutic medicines and injections to stimulate natural healing, to regulate inflammatory processes that have been supressed and to stimulate the detoxification mechanisms of the body

SANUM Therapy

It is a biological and holistic treatment which goes back to the origins of the disease and uses microbiological medicines. SANUM-Therapy influences events within your body gently with the aim to achieve regulation.

Classical Homeopathy

In classical homeopathy, medications are chosen by comparing the constellation of symptoms of the diseased individual with the ‘drug picture’ of a single-ingredient medication.

This drug picture is derived from pathogenetic trials which are documented in Materia Medica. The detailed history takes into account the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms of the patient.

Recommended reading (available for purchase on this website):

Decoding the Human Body-Field

by Peter H. Fraser and Harry Massey

Energy and Information in Nature

by Peter H. Fraser

NES Health Videos

The Body is Your Best Doctor

This video gives an overview of how NES Health’s bioenergetic scanning technology can help activate the body’s own incredible self-healing abilities.

Infoceuticals Trigger Your Body’s Healing Response

This video gives an overview of NES Health’s proprietary imprinted water Infoceuticals that help the body return to its optimal blueprint.

A thought-provoking, stimulating introduction reel to NES Health

This video gives a brief overview of NES Health, the Total WellNES System and the science behind our system of healthcare.

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