It’s important you know that I do have time to help you, help your friends, your family members, or anyone that you care about that could use my help.

If your best friend needed help with their health issues, do you have a practitioner that you would feel comfortable introducing them to?

If you do, I am glad that you have a good practitioner.

If you don’t, I’m curious, what would have to happen for you to feel comfortable introducing the people that you care about to me, so I can help them with their health?


Based on 25 years of clinical experience, I confidently state that you can improve your health regardless of your age and medical history. It is my passion to enable you to achieve vitality, prevent or alleviate chronic illness, and slow down ageing. Classical Homeopathy in combination with Homotoxicology and SANUM therapy is indispensable for that.

As an FDN practitioner, I investigate the underlying reasons for your deteriorating health using various intake forms and functional laboratory testing. Then, through a personalized protocol and lifestyle adjustments, I help you to activate your innate healing ability.

“The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of disease.” — Hippocrates

I also provide services in the emerging field of Bioenergetics. This means assessing and correcting the body’s energy and communication systems. Doing this further improves your body’s own ability to heal and stay healthy.



You go to bed late, cannot sleep well but have to rise early to commute from home to your office or often to the airport.

You constantly juggle your responsibilities to your equity partners and/or shareholders with the management of logistics and personnel. Running a smaller business is not much easier either.

The team leadership is subject to your constant supervision and review.
You might be stressed or affected by circumstances beyond your control.
Even problems with employees and contractors can disrupt your physical and mental balance as well as your balance sheet.

As your grandmother would have said, ‘too many irons in the fire’ …
You know deep down that this lifestyle is not sustainable in the long term, as you already feel a strange foreboding. So, you’ve gone to doctors and to natural practitioners alike, just to hear from them that it is all from stress as your blood tests are mostly ‘in range’. They tell you to slow down, eat well, exercise, and meditate.

You’ve tried, but here you are now, back to square one … I understand your pain, because I have lived through a similar situation. Most of us, business people, love our work, we live and breathe it. But it ‘programs’ us to think and behave in the way that doesn’t leave much space for anything else.

So, just giving you some pills and supplements and telling you ‘stop stressing’ or ‘start meditating’ is simply not effective.

Going through my own struggles, I worked out how to deal with this situation and now I can help you if you are my ideal client – the one who understands that my job satisfaction comes from those who diligently apply themselves to my programs. If you do your part, I overdeliver.

The following people cannot be helped:

  • The chasers of “magic bullets”. They are deceived by quick fixes. But NOT You! You want to be able to successfully run your 5-star business. Therefore, my 5-star OPT-IN health care model is ideal for you (learn more about this model in the FAQs section on the LIBRARY page).
  • Those who learn but do not implement. They are going around in circles. But NOT You! As a hard-working businessman, you put your decisions and plans into effect. Therefore, I know, when I create an individualized program for you, you will carry it out with determination leading to success.
  • Those who sabotage their success. Hidden agendas keep them from the necessary changes. But NOT You! Business people like you love innovation. Success is their drive. My goal is to make the innovative OPT-IN health care model to become easy and natural for you.

If this speaks to your heart, let me guide you to your best health!

  • Consult with me in the clinic or book a private online consultation
  • Participate in one of my online courses [ is opening up in 2022, watch this space!]
  • Attend my private therapeutic retreat (PLEASE NOTE: currently not available due to pandemic situation)
  • Hire me as your Life Coach (for more information scroll down the page)

Consult with me in the clinic if you are local to the Sunshine Coast or prepared to travel.

Participate in one of my online programs

Attend my private therapeutic retreat

Hire me as your Health Coach


NB: All consultations are by appointment only and priority is given to the participants of my programs.

If you are an EXISTING CLIENT, log into your client portal and use the CALENDAR to book your next appointment, or contact me directly.

If you are NEW TO THIS CLINIC, please book for an initial phone interview so I can determine whether my services are relevant to your needs, or otherwise I may refer you to other options.

The CoVID-19 pandemic has called for flexible and adaptive measures to provide healthcare across all sectors. Face to face consultations are no longer recommended, even for initial consultations. Until this situation changes, I must use telemedicine as my primary mode of practice delivery.


If you live far away from my clinic or if you are local but prefer to consult with me online, you may do so. I offer you one-on-one advanced programs with my personal guidance. Currently, I do not run group programs.


I always investigate the underlying issues rather than focusing upon the symptoms. Instead of just patching up your chronic complaints, I present to you a bigger picture. I reveal as to why you have had those complaints for so long and then I tailor make a treatment plan specifically for you.

Even though my work is based on functional labs and bioenergetic scans, it is not just a series of tests. It’s a way of thinking about the human body. When you wake up in the morning, do you have to tell your cells what to do? No, because your body has innate intelligence. It is designed to function perfectly. And your cells, tissues, organs and body systems always seek a state of ease.

Your current symptoms are a sign that something is wrong. As you are seeking relief, I can simply help you alleviate those symptoms. However, is it logical just to suppress the symptoms and ignore the underlying issues which could be hidden and far removed from what is manifested on the surface?

That is why I do both: 1) provide relief care and 2) dig deeper investigating all imbalances, deficiencies and other stressors that contribute to your poor state of health. My objective is to reduce and eliminate factors contributing to your Metabolic Chaos™ (a term coined by the founder of FDN, Reed Davis; you can find more about it in the FAQs section on the Library page).

Once again, with the help of functional labs and bioenergetic scans, I will work with you at the deepest level possible to reveal malfunctions that need repair, and then we restore balance so that your body could return to its optimal function.

The relief care that I offer you during the program is not suppressing symptoms. It is just an extra help in coaching up function and supporting your innate intelligence or vital reserve of your body that keeps it going.

Please note, I do not diagnose or treat diseases. I make observations, seek healing opportunities and help you to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle. By following this approach, you inevitably will get better as we repair and restore your body’s function.

With chronic conditions, there could be inborn or acquired metabolic inefficiencies, so called ‘weak links’, which will need either time to repair or continuous support. It depends on how far the damage in your body has already progressed.

But in any case, you can expect to feel much better than you do now, because general principles of health building that I introduce to you during the program outperform specific treatments that you might have had so far.

Having mentioned general principles of healing, I would like to emphasize that my one-on-one programs are highly individualized. I thoroughly asses your current state of health and take careful history to form an impression which I verify or correlate with functional lab work to identify healing opportunities and guide your therapy and lifestyle.


When you enroll into the program, you will need to complete and return all the intake forms. Then lab tests will be drop-shipped to you.

It takes time for them to arrive and for the test kits to be completed by you and returned to the lab for processing. Meanwhile, to help you without much delay, we will use the online NES Health voice scan function to do your bioenergetic scan remotely.

The immediate results will be available for you to access from your computer. You will be able to see the distortions of your Body-Field and how they undermine your physical health. Based on your scan results, you’ll receive a plan of action and a recommendation for relevant NES Infoceuticals so that you could begin correcting those distortions right away.

Thereafter we will schedule your Lab Test Results & Recommendation session. Our goal for this session is to come up with your individual treatment protocol which includes a holistic D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® program (see FAQs).

While discussing this program with you, I will cover your main complaints in the way that will make you feel secure and confident that with this approach you can finally get the answers to your health problems. To achieve that I would match your medical history and how you feel now with possible hidden issues uncovered by the lab tests. It will motivate you to get on with the protocol so you could achieve your overall health goal as soon as possible.

The follow up sessions will guide your course correction until you get well.


As a business man, you will appreciate a program that helps you track anything you want: diet, sleep, exercise or lifestyle changes. I provide you with health trackers that are a simple and easy way to monitor your progress throughout the program. You can manage weight, blood glucose, anxiety level, bloating, or anything else that’s critical to you. It is your choice.

Through your individualised health trackers, you can also reinforce your behaviour changes. They help you to hold yourself accountable in making lifestyle adjustments during the program. And I will be able to see objectively what’s happening in between our sessions, whether you are on track or in need of extra help.

Health trackers used in my programs have simple data interface. No complex graphs or data entry forms. Each tracker clearly shows you how your metrics are changing over time.

Best of all, to enter your data you do not need to log all the way into the application. Just simply click the link in the email you receive from me, enter the value and you’re done for the day.

Keep in mind, my functional health improvement programs are not just about weight or another measure. I am concerned with quantifying positive outcomes. So, with the health trackers you can not only feel your improvement but see how you improve over time.

I trust that this gives you a better understanding of my one-on-one programs.

For more information, you can

Please NOTE: all free webinars are currently being updated and will be available after the 1st of July.

The #1 Secret to Better Health That Your Doctor Isn’t Talking About

How to Rejuvenate for Longer Life and Optimal Vitality

Please NOTE: all free webinars are currently being updated and will be available in 2022.

Fully Automated Online Programs

If you already feel healthy and want to remain so, these programs are for you. It is the best approach to preventative health care.

If you’re struggling with any health issues, these programs are even more relevant to you. They reveal why your previous attempts to get well were not as successful as you hoped for. They also guide you on how to finally build a solid foundation for your health.

Sometimes it takes years for all the pieces of a health puzzle to fall into place. I created these programs to save you time and effort by providing practical steps you can take to better health so you can enjoy every moment of your life.

The programs are easy to follow, fun, and engaging. Each step is self-contained and you can choose your own priorities and pace.

To learn more about the programs, watch the FREE webinars.

How to Rejuvenate for a Longer Lifespan with Optimal Vitality

Please NOTE: all free webinars are currently been updated and will be available in 2022.


As a NES Health practitioner, I offer you this program which is a part of the BioEnergetiX Wellness System. PLEASE NOTE: This program does not include any laboratory tests.

Want More Energy?
Join Energy4Life today … and become the healthy, energetic person you were meant to be!

CHECK OUT the details and the pricing or LEARN MORE


INHealth clinic is based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Perched atop the majestic Blackall Range, the rural villages here are privileged to have a relaxed lifestyle. The surroundings full of lush greenery and pristine air make them an ideal place for a health retreat.
Among many choices, I have selected a special property perfect for a little piece of heaven for your country escape, a million miles away from any worries!

Enjoy breath-taking views and absolute privacy in an architecturally designed house of magnificent proportions.

It is an outdoor nature enthusiast’s haven, far from any main roads. The only sounds that you hear are those of the abundant birdlife. The lush vegetation and the position of the property nestled into the rainforest on hillside creates a micro climate that protects from strong winds and yet allows gentle breezes up from the valley.

Be awaken to the sight of a misty morning. Sunbathe later on the secluded deck, or cool off in the deck-side plunge pool. Wander through parkland and listen to the natural music of wildlife. And when night dances upon your shoulders, let the rhythms of the rainforest gently rock you to sleep.

In the middle of nature, in the middle of the Sunshine Coast, but so far away from everything and yet so close to it all, your private health retreat is awaiting for you.

Come to the Perfect Destination for Your Rejuvenation & Detoxification!

I look forward to welcoming you here whether you choose to attend Rejuvenation or Detoxification Programs. At either retreat, you will be invigorated by pure rainforest oxygen and get energised to brainstorm a further path to greater success of your business.

Plus, if you wish, you will have an opportunity to visit local tourist attractions such as Mapleton Falls National Park, Kondalilla Falls National Park, Noosa National Park, Lake Baroon, World-famous Australia Zoo, shop at Eumundi markets and dip in the ocean on the Sunshine Coast Beaches.
A perfect reason to enrol into my program together with your partner.

All retreats are delivered on a small group basis (up to 6 people) thus ensuring maximum attention to your needs. If you prefer the entire retreat to be just for you, it could be arranged.

Your benefits include:

  • advanced natural therapies transforming your health
  • constant support and encouragement from our caring team
  • your privacy and peace of mind are ensured.

We eliminate the common struggle of DIY health programs by doing it all for you and with you.

Our aim is nothing short of your total makeover:

  • your inner body cleansed
  • your outer body glowing
  • your mind relaxed and
  • your spirit lifted.

The planned dates for the retreats:

November 2020, check-in Fri the 13th, check out Sun the 22nd: Rejuvenation Program
December 2020, check-in Fri the 4th, check out Sun the 13th: Detoxification Program

Please travel safely.

ATTENTION: At this stage, due to current pandemic uncertainties, firm bookings are not taken; however. expressions of interest are welcome.


In nowadays, demand for coaching is growing because people have more changes in their lives, but less social support to help them through those changes. This is where my coaching comes in.

If you need a “professional friend” to make it to the next level in life, then let me help you get unstuck, figure out your priorities, take action, and stick with it to get results.

Life coaching fulfills a new need that is different from my role as a natural medicine practitioner. Coaching is very important. It feels great to add value to other people’s lives through my coaching. And that is what I offer you in this program.

In nowadays, demand for coaching is growing because people have more changes in their lives, but less social support to help them through those changes. This is where my coaching comes in.

If you need a “professional friend” to make it to the next level in life, then let me help you get unstuck, figure out your priorities, take action, and stick with it to get results.

Life coaching fulfills a new need that is different from my role as a natural medicine practitioner. Coaching is very important. It feels great to add value to other people’s lives through my coaching. And that is what I offer you in this program.

My coaching will never make you wrong for what you may want, need, say, or do. Coaching is about exploring different ways and choosing a better one. It is never about fault-finding.
I’ll provide you a safe space where you can open up more than anywhere else. And if you request anonymity to have more safety, it will be granted to you.
I would love working with you if you take yourself and your goals with a higher degree of seriousness. It is an honour to multiply the value of what you already know and do, and set you up for more growth in the future.
I am naturally good at helping people choose a healthier lifestyle. I also have an intuitive sense of something beyond what we see, feel, and experience. Using my gifts and professional training, I want to help you become more self-actualized as a person.
I partially incorporate Life Coaching into all of my one-on-one therapeutic programs. Should you choose to make Life Coaching your main focus, then this program is ideal for you.
CONTACT me for more information.

I am Committed to Helping You Get Healthy Faster and Easier

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