“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” – Dale Carnegie


Based on 25 years of clinical experience, I confidently state that you can improve your health regardless of your age and medical history. It is my passion to enable you to achieve vitality, prevent chronic illness, and slow down aging. Classical Homeopathy in combination with Homotoxicology and SANUM therapy is indispensable for that.

As an FDN practitioner, I investigate the underlying reasons for your deteriorating health using various intake forms and functional laboratory testing. Then, through personalised protocol and lifestyle adjustments, I help you to activate your innate healing ability. “The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of disease.” — Hippocrates

I also provide services in the emerging field of Bioenergetics. This means assessing and correcting the body’s energy and communication systems. Doing this further improves your body’s own ability to heal and stay healthy.

Lydia treated me for chest pains that were not helped by any medical and natural treatments I received in the past few years. I also had a raised liver enzymes count, causing fatigue and sluggishness.

Over a period of approximately 4 months under Lydia’s care all symptoms disappeared and my health dramatically improved.

My energy level and general stamina returned to normal and I have had no more chest pain. I have also been able to sustain an increased work load and have much better physical fitness.

Pastor Alan Wills (Taigum)

This is being written by me as an individual, rather than in my role as the Co-ordinator of the Relaxation Centre of QLD. I personally made contact with Lydia for a number of imbalances needing correction.

I was extremely pleased with the consultations I had with Lydia, the competency of her assessing and the changes that resulted in my health.

I have recommended other people to see Lydia following my own improvement. They have called me to thank me, not only for the referral but also for the results that they had experienced.

Lionel Fifield (Samford)

…only sleeping 1 to 2 hours per night, and feet burning very badly all the time up to the knees, making me feel very unhappy and depressed. Came to Lydia for this reason, and now 2 months later I sleep 6 hours and feet almost stopped burning. My mood now is much better.
Geoff Stanbrook (Brisbane)

I always wanted to use natural remedies for my children’s illnesses but found that sometimes they would be effective and other times not. I felt like we were playing a hit and miss game that was expensive and time consuming. Lydia’s treatment has been the most effective way of treating my children illnesses.

I would recommend it to any family wanting to keep their children healthy.

Michelle Mitchell (Bridgman Downs)

To Lydia. Thank you for balancing me out and healing my eczema. I have a clearer mind and lots more energy – that has been depleted since I was pregnant with Adam. You have a gift. I hope to see you soon for a check-up. God bless you, love you, keep you at Christmas time and always. Sincerely.

Katie, Adrian, Adam. (Brisbane)

I am a professional musician specialising in the guitar. Some time ago I began to develop problems with my fingers, which caused pain when I played the guitar and I was worried about my ability to continue with my career.

A fellow musician, friend of mine Mr Tony Ashby recommended the services of Lydia to me. I followed Lydia’s advice … and my fingers were healed and now I am confident about my professional career.

I am very grateful to Lydia for her help and recommend her services to others.

(R.K. Bayne, Red Hill)

Lydia, when I came to you, I felt anxious and at a loss as to what to do about my health. My tongue was burning, itching and had a strong metallic taste in it. I had had this condition for nearly 3 years and no one had been able to help, including medical doctors, naturopaths or acupuncturists.

My whole body felt sick and I was convinced no one was going to help me. In just 4 weeks Lydia reversed many of my problems. My breasts are feeling better. My tongue has 90% cleared. The metallic taste was taken away after having all my amalgam fillings removed. The burning and itching have nearly gone after using homoeopathic medicines.

Lydia also taught me how to change my diet and lifestyle to maintain good health. I no longer feel the despair I did. My health is returning and in such short time. I can’t recommend strongly enough Lydia’s treatments.

Her care and understanding of her patients are also something rarely seen today. Thank you, Lydia, and God bless you.”

(K. B., Manly)

My daughter Lauren has suffered with period pain for years. I had taken her to doctors and other homoeopaths with no change in her condition. After taking the medicines Lydia provided, Lauren’s pain was gone.

My niece has suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for 8 years, has spent a lot of money and tried to get help from many people. Lydia told her what her problem was and soon she was symptoms free.”

(Jan Evans, Albany Creek)

Every person’s health concerns are individual of course, but I briefly convey the treatment Lydia has given me. I personally don’t feel I have to understand all the how and why it works, it just has for me. I feel so well now, having lots of energy, a clear mind, enthusiasm and a new zest for life!

I really can’t believe how much my health and life have improved. When I first went to Lydia, at the back of my mind I thought I’ll give it a 6-months try and then evaluate any change. Fantastically I had improvement after about 5 weeks.

It still is pleasantly shocking to me to have had such a great response! Because struggling as hard and as long (12 years plus) with CFS, and being to numerous doctors, Chinese herbalists, naturopaths, etc.; ingesting tons of countless vitamins, having B12 and Magnesium injections, etc.; I felt there wasn’t anything out there I hadn’t tried, but only had a minimal improvement.

Hope this encourages you contacting Lydia. My mother often says, “Nothing ventured – nothing gained”, and that has been my attitude to all aspects in my life’s journey. Lots of love and Lord bless you.

Marge (Alderley)

Dear Lydia, for 18 months I suffered severely ached heels. The pain was at the point where I had difficulty walking. During theses 18 moths I had tried various treatments including visits to a podiatrist and numerous creams. Then the podiatrist recommended that I consult you.

Lydia, you introduced me to a world of Homoeopathy. Within a month the cracked heels had healed and my overall being has improved. I feel more energetic and I sincerely thank you for your excellent work. Yours faithfully.

David Johnson (Taringa)

Lydia has saved me from 2 operations … 1 for a lung and 1 for an ear.

In both cases I had 2 specialists tell me that they wanted to operate, however I convinced the specialists to wait while I was under treatment from Lydia.

The end result was no surgery required and the specialists giving me the all clear.

I would highly recommend her health services.

John Bosak (Brisbane, “Audio Advantage” studio)

My digestive system really needed an overhaul. After only 2 visits to Lydia I’ve noticed a great improvement in my digestion.

I can now eat foods that would have resulted in hours of reflux and heartburn. It was very uncomfortable and if it occurred after the evening meal, I would spend the night sitting upright in bed, supported by pillows.

Now I am able to eat anything I want without any discomfort. Thank you, Lydia.

Diane Gordon (Brisbane)

Dear Lydia, I am happy to let you know about the most wonderful news I got from my orthopaedic specialist. When I told her all the walking and moving around, I am doing in spite of mine once severely affected left knee, she was amazed, and yet further amazed that my knee and leg have actually realigned.

It is to be noted that when I first saw you, I could feel my tendons tearing on the inside of this knee and I was in agony from pain. I was distraught at the thought of being confined to a wheel chair at an early age. I am now recommending you to other people in need. With much elation.

Janice Hodgkinson (Brisbane)

Dear Lydia,

I wanted to write this letter to thank you for everything you have done for my family and me.

I had endometriosis and because of it suffered very painful periods. My gynaecologist suggested a hysterectomy. Before my next appointment with him, I was referred to you.

My life changed for the better when I met you, because you opened my eyes to the alternatives.

After just one month of following your advice on treatments and lifestyle adjustments, I experienced for the first time in my life a pain free period, and have continuously been pain free without having a hysterectomy.

Your treatment extended to my youngest child, she was coughing day and night. She used to wake up at night two to three times and couldn’t stop coughing until she threw up.

To my regret, when this problem developed, I did not contact you immediately, because you moved to Gold Coast. As a result, we used the prescription drugs for 12 months without improvement. Eventually, despite the long distance, we contacted you. Now my daughter has no asthma and sleeps well.

R.A. (Brisbane)

… the pain and swelling, which I had endured in my knees, subsided by about 85% and my skin colour returned to pinkish after having been very discoloured and patchy,”
(Daphne Desplace, Brisbane)

When I first went to Lydia for treatment I was suffering with a nervous breakdown. I was unable to sleep, crying continuously, feeling suicidal, going to the toilet constantly, extremely anxious and desperate for help.

I was also unemployed … for 10 years due to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I was turning 40 years old and feeling at the cross roads of my life.

After seeing Lydia, I felt reassured that something could be done. She was confident, sensitive and highly professional.
I had seen other practitioners, but had not found them nearly as helpful. Lydia combined her people skills with scientific knowledge to create a unique platform from which I was finally able to rebuild my professional career and personal life.
Gradually I began sleeping normally again and the crying spells became further apart until they at last stopped. I went to the toilet less as the anxiety decreased.

Once the intense suffering was over, I was able to discuss with Lydia an underlying problem that had concerned me since my adolescence, namely my sexuality.

I had felt dissatisfied for a long time with my homosexuality and wanted to experience a sexual relationship with [a person of the opposite sex]. I must admit, I was flabbergasted and delighted when the change actually did happen, achieving what years of psychotherapy could not.

I have a demanding job now. In this past year I have produced some of my finest journalistic work and was given an award as a thank you for my efforts.

I would like to say that the ‘thank you’ should go to Lydia for all her hard work and dedication in helping me to reach the much happier state I am in today.

I have seen up to 80 practitioners in a wide range of health practices in Australia and UK over the past decade to attend to the problems discussed. There are very few practitioners I would recommend not because any lack of sincerity on their part or gratitude on my own, but simply because a person as ambitious and persevering as myself must have results and that is what Lydia delivers.

I highly recommend her as a most trustworthy and capable practitioner who stands apart in a league of her own.

[privacy and confidentiality of this person is respected and preserved]

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” – Thomas Edison


In this video, clients and practitioners open up about the remarkable experiences they’ve had firsthand with NES Health and its miHealth device. 


Testimonials of Top Ten Celebrities, the Fans of Homeopathy
(by Brauer team at www.brauer.com.au)

If you had all the money and fame in the world, what kind of medical practices would you use?

Would you seek the opportunity to engage with a natural, traditional medicine? One that has its roots in history?

Well, here is a top ten celebrity list of those who choose homeopathy – and you may be surprised who’s on it. It includes a veritable who’s who of the celebrity world.
Rock stars, royalty, models, award-winning actors, activists, politicians and athletes…

The list really goes on and they all love the benefits of homeopathy.

1. Paul McCartney

The great rock and roll legend himself, Paul McCartney is an avid user of natural remedies and traditional homeopathic medicines. A firm peace activist and vegan, Sir Paul is a big believer.

“I can’t manage without homeopathy. I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies. I use them often.”

2. Usain Bolt

The world record-breaking Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is a fan, reportedly using homeopathy since the age of sixteen. Visiting his Munich-based German sports doctor Hans-Wilheim Muller-Wohifahrt, he said:

“I’ve been coming here since I was 16. It’s been a long relationship. Every time I have a problem, he always gives me good advice and treatments.”

3. Jennifer Aniston

Yes, the Queen of Clean is a big follower of homeopathy too. Known for her natural and organic lifestyle advocacy and gorgeous youthful looks. Aniston has mentioned many times how she loves traditional homeopathic medicines alongside the modern.

4. Prince Charles

Prince Charles is more than a British monarch- he’s actually a serious environmental crusader. Part of this includes a local, healthy and organic lifestyle approach. Charlie boy also lobbied hard to make homeopathic treatment available on the NHS, the British national health care service. The royal family actually have a court homeopath in the palace! The Prince has this to say on the subject of homeopathy:

“… it is rooted in ancient traditions that intuitively understood the need to maintain balance and harmony with our minds, bodies, and the natural world.”

5. Cher

The famous singer is a massive fan of homeopathic remedies. Cher claims they helped her recover from a bout of chronic illness in 1987. Since then she has fronted campaigns and donated money to supporting homeopathic causes.

“I don’t think I’d still be around today if it weren’t for homeopathic medicine. I was sick with an Epstein-Barr virus which led to chronic fatigue and I couldn’t work effectively for two years. I turned to a Sikh homeopathic doctor, almost in desperation. He started doing homeopathic stuff with herbs and vitamin therapy. Many doctors didn’t believe in all that back then. Within four months, he’d got me up and back on the road again.”

6. Kim Cattrall

The famous “Samantha” from Sex and the City series credits Arnica as her favourite homeopathic product.

“Arnica! I love it! I use it all the time because I bruise easily.”

Cattrall first discovered the merits of homeopathy in Germany, where she lived in Frankfurt.

7. Cindy Crawford

One of the original supermodels, with an iconic body and look. These ladies know a thing or two about looking after their health and wellbeing. Cindy was on the Oprah Winfrey show when she confessed her admiration and personal recommendation of using traditional homeopathic medicine.

“I am the doctor of our family and I’m a big fan of homeopathy. I always make sure I have it on me or in the medical kit. It works.”

8. Hilary & Bill Clinton

After being diagnosed with serious heart disease in the 90s, Bill was put on a vegan and vegetarian diet. It was during this time that both Hillary and Bill became interested in alternative and natural health therapies. 

9. David Beckham

Well known sports stars openly acknowledge their use of homeopathy in their sports kit. Usain Bolt is one of them, but so is beloved international star David Beckham. It was well publicised back in 2002 that he was using traditional homeopathic treatments.

These were used in conjunction with modern medicine to help treat his foot injury.  It needed to be a speedy recovery as it was a World Cup year and Beckham had broken his foot. To this day, Beckham swears by homeopathic treatments.

In fact, it is reported that many of the European teams use a wide range of natural and traditional homeopathic medicines to treat their players injuries.

10. Tina Turner

The fabulous pocket rocket Tina Turner loves using traditional homeopathic remedies. A famous advocate for a healthy and natural lifestyle, she credits homeopathy for saving her life.  After a nasty bout of tuberculosis left her weak and ruined, she turned to it.  This was because conventional medicine was not helping her to recuperate.

“Life in the fast lane wore me down, changes in my diet and homeopathy saved me. Thanks to my Homeopathic physician, for bringing me back to health and always being available for me”

In her mid-seventies, Ms. Turner looks easily a decade younger and her lifestyle can be credited with this.

From Beckham to Blanchett – celebrities that use homeopathy

Have you tried homeopathy yet? If not, you can’t deny the growing amount of support out there, especially amongst celebrities. A-listers such as David Beckham, Jude Law, Helena Bonham Carter, Jennifer Aniston and Chris Martin are all fans. They have the fame, money, and resources and like the Royal Family they choose homeopathy.

Many celebrities, such as Cindy Crawford and Roger Daltrey first discovered homeopathy because of an illness their child had, and they found that homeopathy worked where conventional medicine had not been able to help. Others, such as Jade Jagger, Carol Smillie and Gaby Roslin also use homeopathic treatments on their children, and Helena Bonham Carter managed to conceive a second time with the help of homeopathy.

Some of the more well-known supporters of homeopathy are the royals, namely The Queen and HRH Prince Charles and more recently Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Queen is a patron of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formerly the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital) and is said to never travel without her first-aid homeopathic remedy kit. Prince Charles is known for his avid support of homeopathy and in the past has received both positive and negative press for appealing to the government to promote and advance alternative medicine in the UK. HRH also uses homeopathy to great effect with the animals on the Royal Dutchy Organic Farm.

No matter which side you’re on, you can’t argue with the stories that homeopathy works. Millions use homeopathy every year and In 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that homeopathy was the second most used medical system worldwide. Tina Turner writes of its effectiveness in her autobiography, “Life in the fast lane wore me down, changes in my diet and homeopathy saved me. Thanks to my homeopathic physician, for bringing me back to health and always being available for me.” She used homeopathy to help her when she contracted tuberculosis.

Another inspiring story is the one by Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who, who thanks homeopathy for saving his son’s life, when he was 9 months old and developed gastrointestinal issues. He stated, “I’d heard of homeopathy, so I found a local guy in the Yellow Pages, and took my boy there. He gave him some powders. Within two weeks he was putting weight on, keeping the food down. The trouble recurred periodically for a couple of years, but he’s now 27, a fit and healthy young man.”

Homeopathy has a great track record in the world of sport, when David Beckham broke his foot just prior to the 2002 World Cup, he told the world of the impressive results of treatment that he got from homeopathic medicines. A study, carried out by researchers from Koblenz, found that almost all (92%) all of the doctors at German football league teams prescribe homeopathy. Homeopathy has always been popular in Europe with one in three people using it in 40 of the 42 EU countries.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world is a fan. He is said to have used homeopathy since the age of 16. Annabel Croft the former professional British No. 1 female tennis player outlines her use of homeopathy. “I’ve used Gelsemium in the past to calm my nerves before presenting Wimbledon.” Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett and Emma Watson are all know to use Bach Flower Remedy which is also well known for shock and nerves. Annabel Croft continues, “homeopathy treats the real causes of illness in the body, not just the symptoms – as conventional medicine does. The whole concept made so much sense to me. It was a huge turning point.”

In the UK homeopathy is widely accepted, with a recent report suggesting that as many as 1 in 8 use it every year and indicating that it is one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors expanding at 20% a year.  In fact, the UK now has over 3000 registered practitioners and 400 doctor homeopaths. So maybe there is something to homeopathy after all, and maybe one day soon there will be more people in the UK willing to try something new.

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So, there you have it! A list of rock stars, models, royalty and sporting heroes who are right behind the homeopathic medicine.

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